The History Of Hawaiian Luau Themed Parties

Samuel Reason - May 22nd, 2019

The Luau themed parties are an extremely famous and known culture staple that has been happening in Hawaii for generations. What may shock you is that this was not always the case, in fact, at one point in Hawaii, it was illegal for men and women to be seen eating together.

In ancient Hawaii, men and women ate their meals separately at all times. They also had extremely restrictive measures in place on what women could eat, they were not allowed to eat foods that were deemed not common. In fact their beliefs would in this modern day seem very strange: for example, women were not allowed to eat bananas as it was said it would turn them into a man. The chicken was the only meat women were allowed to eat, as red was a color associated with being sacred and therefore was only offered in a temple.

And it took until 1819, for King Kamehameha II to abolish all the religious laws that were being followed. King Kamehameha II even went and started to eat with a woman as an extremely symbolic act. These acts quickly ended the Hawaiian religious taboos and the first Luau parties were born.

The food served at a luau party is often squid or chicken luau. Luau is the type of leaves you find in Hawaii and also they add in coconut milk. The main dish is, however, the pig, which traditionally would be cooked in an earth oven. The feast would normally be shared on the floor with mats being the centerpieces. Everything was of course eaten by hand as utensils would never be present during a luau party.

Luau themed parties today is generally seen as having a large open area, such as a backyard. This is because generally, you will find a luau party being celebrated outside under a large tent. A big component of the modern-day luau party is the necklace of flowers known as a lie. It can also be a necklace of ferns or kukui nuts.

Today, luau themed parties are very commercialized to the extent that some people in the United States will import their products from Hawaii to have an authentic party.

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