The Flower That Will Kill You With A Smile

Samuel Reason | January 20th, 2019

When one hears the phrase satanic grin, you may think of the DC Comics The Joker’s laugh as he executes a deadly plan. That sardonic grin is well known across the whole world, a grin that comes hand in hand with death. The corners of your mouth go up really far on each side and you may even look like you have a coat hanger shoved in.

It is the grin that is used to depict serial killers in many films and fantasy novels, but what you may not know is that this grin is actually a deadly reality. There is one poisonous flower that will send you to your death with the Joker’s grin on your face. And it comes with an ancient history of being used as a way to force euthanasia.

The deadly plant is called Hemlock, a naturally growing herb around most of the world, which is associated unfortunately with suicide. It is the infamous poisonous plant that the philosopher Socrates took to commit suicide. And this plant plays an important part in creating the history of the creepy serial killer smile, due to its muscle relaxation effects.

A brand of the plant called the water-dropwort is very common around the whole of the Mediterranean area, particularly in the Sardinia area. In fact, the term sardonic grin was first seen being used in Sardinia and once you learn what the poison does you will understand why.

If ingested, Hemlock will cause the taker to become incapacitated the plant makes your muscles go taut and ensures the victim can no longer move. This made it a go-to poison for an assassin to use during medieval time. A very unusual and uncomfortable smile will go across the victims face: the infamous creepy grin. And the face would stay like this frozen, meanwhile, the assassin would complete his job.

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