The Eerie Story Of The Phantom Barber

Samuel Reason | March 13th, 2019

When it comes to haunted lore, then the Southern States of America have their fair share of stories & tales. You can find cities in the Savannah that have a rich history of being haunted. And of course, we have all the unexplained ghost stories that come out of New Orleans and Charleston. For many people, the unexplained horror stories are campsite tales that are past along generations, stories that you tell your grandchildren to scare them.

Southern Gothic literature is actually its own genre and will tell the ghost tales in a poetic fashion, though it may be a little too disturbing to read before going to bed. The region and tradition have inspired many writers to craft scary fiction stories that are quickly becoming classics, but of course, many will tell you it is not fiction at all. And one of those unexplained mysteries is the eerie story of the phantom barber.

In this Southern horror tale, a phantom barber terrorized a small Mississippi community during the whole of World War II. During the summer of 1942, in Pascagoula, that had transformed into a small factory town due to the war, a very strange home invasion started to happen. The intruder was taking locks of hair from all the homes he was breaking into. The Phantom Barber as the press quickly started to call him, even went so far as to cut off a lock of hair from a 6-year-old girl.

Stealing people’s hair is extremely creepy, but the Phantom Barber proceeded to become violent beating some couples with an iron bar – an utterly gruesome attack. This caused a complete panic in the town, with people refusing to go to work as they felt they had to stay home and protect their families. When another victim’s hair was taken this time aided in the attack by chloroform, the police quickly arrested a chemist who had once lived in Germany. They charged him with attempted murder on the couple, but he was never officially charged as The Phantom Barber.

Years later he was set free after passing a lie detector test, many believe he was just a victim of German phobia of the time. Therefore the mystery of the Phantom Barber may never be solved.

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