The Deadliest Blizzard Known To Man

Chuck Banner | August 10th, 2018

During a terrible winter in 1972, on February 2nd, Iran was hit by an extreme blizzard. It was so bad that it lasted for a whole week and ended up wiping whole villages off the map. Reports from the The New York Times estimated that the blizzard dumped over 15 feet of snow in areas that had just been suffering from four years of intense drought.

This was a weather change of such extremes it has rarely ever been seen before, thousands of Iranian villagers were unaccounted for after the deadly blizzard. It is estimated that there were around 6,000 people missing after the events.

And this also included an American citizen who was climbing mountains in the Iranian area, a young college student was on a climbing trip with two companions around Teheran. A five-man specialist search team was sent out the next day when the weather had calmed, but officials reported that the mountain was covered with over 38 inches of snow.

The body of the woman was never found, and neither the United States Embassy or the Aryamehr University where she was studying, wanted to release her identity. The storm piled snow across the northwestern, central and southern Iran. And unfortunately, this is not even where the natural disaster ended.

Whenever countries are treated with extreme snowfall they then have to prefer for immense flooding that can come with the thawing. The government had to prepare evacuation procedures and call in the army to ensure sandbags were installed to protect the surviving villagers. Southern Iran, however, was the worst hit by the blizzard that will forever be remembered in the annals of history, when it comes to the worst natural disasters.

The Ardekan area, in south Iran, advised they believed over 4000 people were actually stuck under 26 feet of snow, trapped or buried in the heavy snowfall. Definitely not a situation anyone would want to be in, the important thing to remember though is the stay calm and breathe normally – thus saving oxygen.

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