The Day Of Destiny

Samuel Reason - November 10th, 2019

Throughout German history, the 9th of November has always played an immense role. Which is why it is commonly referred to as the Day of Destiny by native Germans. Many important events took place on the 9th of November that shaped German history and their future.

On the 9th of November 1989, we saw the fall of the Berlin Wall, while the communist leadership of East Germany had announced the decision that citizens would be allowed to travel freely across the border they had not mentioned when this would happen. It was thought that there would be a time of change where the border guards were given time to prepare for free travel across the border. But when Guenter Schabowski a member of the East German Politburo announced on live television that the change in policy was immediate, thousands of East Berliners immediately rushed the border.

It was also the date in 1938 that the Nazi party put in place the Reichskristallnacht law, which pretty much legalized the brutal persecution of Jews that went on to become the brutal murder of millions of people. Suddenly Nazi party members and militia were seen torching Jewish shops and synagogues across the country. On this day over 30,000 Jewish men were arrested and sent to concentration camps.

There was also Hitler’s first attempt of taking over Germany, on the 9th November 1923, he led the NSDAP (Nazi Party) into a Bavarian government meeting in Munich and forced them to agree to support his revolution. A few hours later they revoked their support and the police arrested Hitler, banning the Nazi Party. Unfortunately for the world this was not the last we saw of him. However, unlike the other events that happened on the 9th of November by coincidence, Hitler’s march on Munich was exactly five years after the end of World War I.

And there is one more significant event that happened in German history books, on November 9th, 1848 – the execution of Robert Blum, a member of the Frankfurt National Assembly, who was trying to make a unified Germany. Blum was sentenced to death by the Austrian Imperial government who ignored the parliament’s rule.

So it is because of all these events that the date is known as the day of destiny.

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