The Dangers Of Forgotten Bombs In The Gulf Of Mexico

Samuel Reason | October 1st, 2018

For decades militaries from all over North and South America have been dumping unexploded bombs and equipment into the Gulf Of Mexico, so much so that no one really has an idea where it all is. And this causes a major problem for shipping lanes or reaching the 4,000 oil and gas rigs that happen to be spotted across the Gulf.

Two Texas A&M University oceanographers, William Bryant and Neil Slowey have combined between them over 90 years of Ocean research experience; and they are adamant that there are over millions of pounds of bombs in the Gulf. And it does not stop there, there are also bombs scattered off the coastal states like New Jersey or all around the Pacific ocean putting Hawaii in jeopardy.

Bryant claims that these bombs are no secret, it is a well-known phenomenon in the world of marine science and oceanography. It comes from years of governments giving no official procedures to getting rid of aging military equipment or not caring about preserving ocean environments. Military dumping in the gulf happened from 1946 all the way up to 1970 until it was banned. And the worst part? Even the military has no idea how much they dumped.

This was all sorts of explosives and military-grade technology, like landmines all the way up to chemical weapons. Everything that was taken off Nazi Germany for example, was simply dumped in the Gulf straight after World War II. This is particularly concerning as it means there are hundreds of canisters of mustard gas in the ocean, potentially leaking deadly chemicals into the ocean.

No one really knows what condition they will be in, but after 40 to 60 years of being in the ocean, it is only going to get worst. We are currently entering the age where these old explosives could suddenly go off, without warning, causing havoc to shipping lanes or damaging rigs.

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