The Customized Domino’s Pizza Rolex

Samuel Reason - November 5th, 2019

If you are a hardworking pizza manager for the Dominos chain, the second-largest pizza chain in the world, then you can earn a reward in the form of a custom made Rolex – Dominos branded of course. Yep, that is right, a flashy looking Rolex, with a pizza company logo on it.

This unique and branded Rolex featuring the multibillion-dollar company’s logo is a reward that is reserved for the best performing Domino’s store managers. And it is not the type of perk you would expect a Domino’s store manager to be wearing when you think their market is largely seen as a down-market.

However, if you are pushing those sales, which any company knows is the key to success, and raking in over $25,000 in weekly sales then the big corporate leaders will take notice of your efforts. As long as you keep in the $25,000 in weekly sales for four consecutive weeks, then you will get a sleek-looking silver Rolex Air-King as a bonus. And it will include a little Domino’s logo on the side. The original Air-King has a leather band and a red and blue logo on the face, so you could think it is ideal for Domino’s who shares the same colors.

The vintage Rolex piece generally sees up to $4,000 price tag retail, and according to legend, it is a tradition that started in 1977 when the founder of Domino’s Tom Monaghan gifted a successful employee the watch off his wrist.

Monaghan wrote in his autobiography published in 1986 that he wore a Bulova that had their logo on it, known as the Pizza Tiger watch. One franchisee asked what he had to do to get that watch off him, and he gave him the challenge of $20,000 sales in a week. The franchisee was able to do it, so Monaghan duly gave him his watch. He then started a challenge that gave away branded Seikos to managers who were bringing in high sales.

And eventually, Domino’s started the Rolex Challenge which would earn the manager the now vintage Air-King. It started as just a $20,000 sales in a week challenge, but as Rolex raised the prices of their watches, Domino’s started to raise the goalposts of the challenge. It is not an easy task to achieve as on average a franchise earns $17,000 per week, but that doesn’t stop them from shooting for it, and some do win big.

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