The College Students Who Made A Potato Chip Boat

Samuel Reason | August 31st, 2018

Everyone knows the cry of agony that happens when you tear into your favorite bag of snacks, only to find more than half the bag is air! You are desperately waiting to bite into your favorite nachos, pretzels or nuts and on opening, you realize that a whole 2/3rds of the bag are nothing but air.

Well, two South Korean college students decided enough was enough and set out to prove just how empty our favorite potato chip snack bags really are, by crafting a whole raft out of unopened bags and paddle across the Han river.

The problem has become even more concerning in South Korea, with many online forums and blogs popping up to complain about what they call “nitrogen snacks” and by “Nitrogen” they are of course referring to the air in the bags. And every year it appears that more snack companies are following this trend, which results in the public receiving more air and less snack. The Korean students hatched a plan to protest against these companies scamming people and decided the make a boat out of potato chip bags.

Their boat consisted of over 180 bags of potato chips and can keep two people afloat on it, and they paddled across the Han River safely to prove their point. And the Han River is no little safe steam, it is extremely broad, with sections in Seoul over 1 kilometer wide. Their goal was to take a humorous approach to people’s outrage and make local news stations take notice.

In fact, Yonhap News and Daum media outlets both picked up on their story, so on that front, they were winners. And don’t worry they operated with safety first in mind, ensuring an emergency rescue crew was informed about their venture beforehand. And though they definitely let us see the funny side of people complaining about too much air in their snacks, we have to remember the air is there to keep the snacks protected from being crushed during transport.

But at least now you know if you if you fall into the ocean, maybe keep hold of your bag of potato chips.

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