The Bulletproof Armadillo Puts A Cowboy In Hospital

Samuel Reason | September 27th, 2018

One cowboy from Texas thought he had an easy hunt on his hands when going after an armadillo. Little did he know this armadillo’s shell was so hard it made him bulletproof. The shotgun’s pellets actually bounced right off the animal’s shell and put the Texan in hospital.

The unnamed individual saw the armadillo bustling around his yard at about 3 AM in the evening, decided that he had had enough of this animal ruining his garden. He attempted to shoot the armadillo three times, one of the bullets hit the animals extremely hard shell deflected one of the shots which then hit the man in the jaw.

Luckily he was quickly airlifted to a hospital in Texarkana, where is recovering well, though doctors had to wire up his jaw. And as strange as this story sounds, it is not the first time an armadillo put someone in the hospital.

In fact, the animal was not even found on the scene so it seems the shell was able to protect him completely from the shots. One man accidentally shot his mother in law when trying to kill an armadillo in 2015, the shot deflected and went through his window hitting his mother in law.

Known as the carapace, the armadillo tough shell is made up of bone with a heavy tissue overcoat. They actually do not have much else to defend themselves with, no claws or sharp teeth to fend off predators, when threatened the armadillo’s answer is to simply roll into a ball and hope the predator will eventually lose interest.

So if you ever do come across one these critters in your yard, it may be a better idea just to let them be, instead of trying to hunt them down. At the end of the day, armadillos are herbivores so they may just do a little bit of digging and eat some of your plants – not really much to worry about!

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