The Beautiful Dangerous And Elusive Sea Wolf

Samuel Reason | April 27th, 2019

If you are ever walking along Canada’s western edge then if you are lucky you may see the elusive sea wolves swimming between islands and preying whatever they happen to come across. These little wooded, windy and sometimes just jagged rocks are part of a thousand little islands that are between Canada and Japan.

And the weather is definitely for the worse, regularly stormy wind that blows powerfully through the region, you would wonder how any animal could possibly call this home. Yet the sea wolves will be found roaming in packs, a unique breed type of wolf that finds it home in the Great Bear Rainforest. Swimming from island to island as if they were actually fishes, these sea wolves are genetically different from any of their inland cousins that you find in other parts of the world.

Due to British Columbia having a very small human population these special sea wolves relish the privacy that is provided by being in isolation. In this region, there are over 25 different types of predator species including grizzly bears, black bears, and even the rare spirit bears living together. And in the water, you will find a rich ecosystem of whales, sea lions, seals, seabirds and salmon which makes the sea in between these islands richer than anywhere else along the coast.

And for thousands of years, these sea-wolves have hunted and preyed on the species living in the sea. Mostly because they have lived in this area in harmony for generations, the First Nation people who are the local tribe respected and revered the wolf as a creature that was even considered to be a god.

This is now being threatened by road building and logging, and of course, the infamous Exxon Valdez oil tanker disaster in 1989 that happened in Alaska was terrible for this magnificent ocean ecosystem. One of the truly remarkable facts of the sea wolf is the really do hunt fish, with more than 25% of their diet being made up of fish.

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