The Baffling Case Of The Child That Never Aged

Samuel Reason | March 2nd, 2019

Born in Maryland Brooke Greenberg baffled scientists all around the world as though she lived for 20 years, she did not age a single month. Brooke never aged more than a 2-year-old physically or mentally, a disease which medical staff has called Syndrome X.

Brooke is one of a dozen children who suffer from this mysterious Syndrome X illness which is sort of like a Benjamin Button disease that prevents them from aging. Brooke had a very troubled medical childhood, with multiple stomach ulcers and even a tumor. She once was in a coma for 14 days and her family thought she was going to die, even buying a casket to be ready for the worst.

Yet miraculously she pulled through those traumas and then doctors realized something was indeed wrong: she was not really aging at all. A medical researcher by the name of Richard F. Walker has followed her case for years but was never able to explain the cause. Her genetic code was compared to other children with the same condition, but no one has ever been able to explain what happens.

No other syndrome or genetic disorders act in the same way as Syndrome X which makes it extremely difficult for scientists to figure out the root cause. They do not even know if it is something that can be passed through family members.

The strange thing is some parts of the body do age but everything is slow and out of sync. For example, her bone structure was that of a 10-year-old, but she still had her baby teeth even at 10 years old. A scientist has been so far unable to discover or figure out which gene causes the syndrome, and therefore, there is no way to develop a cure. Though the theory has always been a mutation to one of the female’s chromosomes.

Brooke did eventually succumb to her illness and died at the age of 20, though mentally and physically she still resembles a two-year-old. The good news is she was not in pain and regularly brought joy to her household, with many moments of laughter.

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