Sweden And Finland Coastlines Rise Faster Than Sea levels

Samuel Reason | September 30th, 2018

Some are worried about the rising levels of the sea due to global warming and pollutions, and for many countries, it is a true danger. If you are living on the coastlines of Sweden and Finland though, well you have won the golden ticket, no need to evacuate anytime soon.


Research has revealed that Scandinavian coasts are now rising faster than the sea level, meaning there is no danger of any flooding. And you may think this is a good thing, well it is actually a cause for concern also! A stone age camp that was was once a bustling Baltic export, is now 125 miles from the coast. And there are even places now used for cattle to graze, that during the 15th century were the seabed.

Take the port of Lulea in Sweden for example, which is now facing a true danger of becoming too shallow for ships to dock in. If the islands of Greece and Maldives are worried about being swallowed up, the Nordic countries have a completely different fear: what if the boats can’t come in anymore? The Baltic sea continues to recede year after year.

The coastline sees an uplift of over a centimeter a year, which is the biggest rate in the world. Gradually human-built settlements and docks are moving further away from the sea, it will be years before it really becomes a problem – but people are wondering what can be done to solve this problem?

Lulea is already planning to deepen its port by 2020, with the price tag of over $200 million. But if they want to continue to accommodate larger vessels then it will be required. Facebook is already investing in a new data center on land in Lulea that once was covered in ocean. And Lulea’s old town, for example, was once an island! Now it is miles away from the sea with no risks of being flooded.

A strange example of an opposite environmental change happening in different parts of the world, but alas they are both causing danger.

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