Strong Winds May Have Actually Parted The Seas For Moses

Samuel Reason | January 29th, 2019

As it turns out Moses may just have been one extremely lucky man where everything just fell into place perfectly, or was it some sort of divine intervention? That question will forever remain unanswered, but scientists have put forth the possibility that strong winds could have actually moved the winds apart.

Physics may have a problem with god moving the seas apart, but they do believe it was actually physically possible. There has been science published before that was backed by the Vatican that showed the Magi (followers of Moses) may have been guided by a super-planet or supernova. That Noah’s flood may have been filling up the Black Sea, when a natural dam happened to stop everything. But now, computer simulations have shown that a strong enough wind blowing from the East could have easily helped the Israelites cross a land bridge and escape Egypt over 3000 years ago.

The stretch of land was 5 kilometers long, so scientists have created simulations that show with a 100 kilometers per hour wind they would have needed at least a 4 hour window to walk to the opposite side of the shore. This is not the greatest odds that a wind stays that strong for 4 whole hours but it is not impossible. And when you factor in that your alternative is being sliced up by some soldiers chasing you, well you would probably take those odds. Carl Drews the scientist behind this research from the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado, believes this to be the case.

Most historians state that the Gulf of Suez is where Moses and his followers made their crossing, as at this location the sea is not as deep. It is too deep by 6 or 7 meters these days to confirm it was definitely the place, but it is not impossible to think that in the past it may have been shallower.

Drews thinks the actual crossing happened at modern day Lake Manzala, which is part of the Reed Sea and not the Red Sea. There is evidence of a sandbar that existed during the past which means the wind would not have needed to be as strong to blow the water back & make a path.

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