Stephen Colbert’s Life Was Far More Interesting Than You Imagined

Stephen Colbert isn’t just some comedian, he’s sensible and wise, to boot. His actions have a marked trend of kindness and concernedness. He’s a role model, really, which is a refreshing thing to see in a celebrity.

Still feel the itch of curiosity? Here’s a list of some fun facts about Colbert:

He has appeared and worked on many shows, including the one that’s brought improv comedy to the living room: Whose Line Is It Anyway?

He is also a voice actor in several cartoons, from cult-show Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law to classic The Simpsons.

He was featured in the 2006 “Sexiest Man Alive” honors by People magazine and was one of GQ’s “Men of the Year” the same year.

A Virgin America airplane, several species of arthropods, an ice cream flavor, and a space treadmill were named for him.

He’s won Grammys, Emmys, and a Peabody award. He was the AP’s “Celebrity of the Year” in 2007.
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