Stephen Colbert’s Life Was Far More Interesting Than You Imagined

The rally was, in fact, not intended to push any political stance. Instead it was an effort to advance political consciousness and action. It was a rally about democracy. Along with the rally there was charitable collection for, a charity organization that Colbert was involved with. It allows donors to choose a classroom in need to help fund it.

When super PACs began to become an occasional news topic, Colbert had the idea to make it a household name. Following the Citizen’s United court case he created a super PAC of his own: Colbert Super PAC.

It helped him raise awareness about super PACs, another instance of Colbert promoting political awareness. He had to cease his involvement with the PAC while he ran an unsuccessful bid for president of the United States on South Carolina.

The PAC had upwards of $700k when Colbert decided to dissolve it. When asked where the money went he made sure that to say that he wasn’t required to tell where it went, so people would know that super PACs have that right, but insinuated it was used to support charity.

But Colbert has always insisted that he is a family man. He has three children, and has been married to his wife, Evelyn McGee-Colbert, since 1993. He likes to tell the story of how they met (he says it was love at first sight). It’s a convoluted story, but you can see it here.
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