Soon We May Be Collecting Honey On Mars

Samuel Reason | April 8th, 2018

Nasa has a plan to send robot bees to Mars. It has been revealed they have engineers working around the clock to create a robot bee that could fly on Mars. They announced this immense project on the 30th March and the internet has been buzzing about it ever since. At the moment it is the very beginning, but basically, these bees would replace the rover robots.

The rovers have always been slow and prone to getting stuck in ditches. The swarm of robot bees would not have this problem at all. A sensor-studded swarm of micro-robots will be able to perform much more effective research. It opens up the doors to discovering a whole new part of Mars. What we really want to know is if they will be bringing back any red planet space honey?

They have actually been named MarsBees and they would be the size of a cicada. This means these robot bees would only be about 1.2 inches in diameter. They would be very small, but the goal of the project is, of course, getting behind the age-old saying of having strength in numbers.

The reason this idea is such a good one is due to Mars low gravity. Remember Mars only has about one-third of Earth’s gravitational pull. This means that the Marsbees will not need much to stay up in the air. It allows Nasa to put together a feasible low powered flapping winged robot. Even though Mars atmosphere is much thinner, the low gravity allows a flapping wing technique to be achievable.

But the real breakthrough is that these robots can be recharged from a home base. Therefore, they will be able to fly out do research and come back to recharge. Though it is still in the very early stages, this will definitely be a project to watch for the future.

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