Singing In The Rain Is A True Statement For This Musical House

Samuel Reason | December 27th, 2018

This musical feat of engineering has tourists raining in from around the world. Braving all sorts of stormy weather just to hear the building play its musical tune. Attached to this colorful house in Germany, you will find a strange system of pipes and funnels which allow the house to produce a musical tune whenever it rains.

Located in the Neustadt Kunsthofpassage, an area of Dresden it is part of a larger art project which is called Courtyard of Elements. The creators and engineers of the house actually live in it, sculptor Annette Paul and designers Christoph Rossner and André Tempel all love to hear the musical tune their creation plays during rainfall.

The Courtyard of Elements also has a beautiful yellow facade which has been created out of aluminum panels which according to the artists represent the light on Earth. And there is also a side which is covered in monkeys and giraffes, to represent the animal kingdom on our planet. The art project is composed of a total of five awe-inspiring courtyards all with a different theme, including some truly magical ones like the Courtyard of Metamorphoses and the Courtyard of Mythical Creatures.

Constructed in 1999, the house quickly became a must view tourist attraction when visiting Dresden with hundreds braving the stormy weather to listen to its tune. On a rainy day, the drainage system has been specifically crafted to create beautiful sounds when it catches the rain.

The strange little house is actually located in the student area of the town, which is quite convenient as working professional may not be so happy being kept up at night by a singing house. Given the house is quickly becoming an icon of Dresden, one can only assume in the future it will be subject to some special tourist and culture heritage awards.

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