Shark Stolen In A Baby Stroller

Samuel Reason | August 1st, 2018

Miss Helen was happily swimming in an aquarium tank, a gray horn shark when she was kidnapped and stolen by a trio of animal smugglers.

Two men and one woman have actually been accused of abducting the shark in a very bizarre case of animal kidnapping. Miss Helen is located in the San Antonio Aquarium, and on the 28th July they wrapped her up in a blanket and just wheeled her away in a baby stroller. An action that could have had severe consequences on the gray horn shark’s health.

The alleged criminals have been caught completely on camera via surveillance videos so they will most likely find themselves paying some hefty fines or even prison, police have even arrested a fourth individual who was part of the plot. Potentially a link to some sort of underworld of exotic animal buying? Luckily for Miss Helen, she was returned to the aquarium at 9 P.M local time that evening, according to a local news agency KSAT12 News.

The trio is thought to have simply lifted the shark out of the open saltwater pool, an exhibit where visitors are actually allowed to touch different species. An aquarium employee quickly spotted the theft and alerted management, however, the trio would not let them look in their truck before quickly speeding away.

Police were able to find the vehicle and found Miss Helen in a tank in their home, luckily unharmed. Officers found many different types of aquatic animals in their home, potentially eluding to them being part of the growing trend on social media of owning rare animals as pets.

Horn sharks are small sharks about 6 foot long that live in the warm waters off the coast of southern California or Mexico. They tend to be most active during the night and stay in the deeps, a bottom-dwelling shark, the most notable trait is the sharp spines that come out and tip their dorsal fins. These sharp spines are what gives the creature its name: horn shark.

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