Record Your Dreams And Play Them Back To You

Samuel Reason | December 18th, 2018

A team of Japanese scientists are busy discovering the latest techniques when it comes to MRI scans and our dreams, now are able to reconstruct your whole dream once it is recorded. Soon you may not be able to say that your dreams are private anymore, as anyone will be able to record and watch them.

The team has been picking up prizes for their groundbreaking research of dream recording and reconstruction. First, they figured out how to interpret your dreams and record them, now they have a machine that will actually reconstruct them for you so that you can watch your own dreams playback. In summary, they have made a type of dream reading machine, so you could say soon you will never have to worry about forgetting a dream again. You would just get up and press a button to see your dreams right there and then.

The amazing breakthrough uses quite a simple idea, that visualization causes certain paths and patterns in our brain that are recordable. Then using an algorithm the team of the scientist was able to create a way to put it all back together, creating the images we were dreaming about. So far the tests have been promising getting the dreams right around 60% of the time, which is pretty incredible really for an alpha release product. With some fine-tuning, the research team believes they can improve the results.

The funny thing is how scientist collected the data initially to have a database of patterns and brain waves to use in their algorithm, they had thousands of people come in and start to sleep. They were then promptly woken up and asked to recall what they were dreaming about, all while being hooked up to EEG machine to record what their brain was doing! This research could one day revolutionize how dreams are interpreted all over the world.

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