These Real Titanic Photos Are More Riveting Than The Movie

10. Captain Edward John Smith

Edward John Smith was the commanding officer for the White Star Line shipping company, and met his demise as Captain of the RMS Titanic. There are various conflicting accounts of Smith’s last words or how exactly he died in the disaster, but all suggest his final actions were heroic.

Some have blamed Captain Smith for the incident, suggesting that he wrongfully sped through the ice at full speed. However, he was posthumously exhonerated since it was a common practice at the time.

There is at least one survivor who claimed in a letter that Captain Smith had been drinking directly before the incident. Her letter (pictured below), written aboard the rescue ship Carpathia, was sold in an auction in 2012.

11. The Infamous Iceberg

This is a picture of the iceberg that breached the side of the giant ship. The iceberg punctured all five of the ship’s watertight rooms meant to keep it afloat.

Smithsonian Institution
Smithsonian Institution

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