Real-Life Invisibility Cloak Is Being Developed

Samuel Reason - December 22nd, 2019

Hyperstealth Biotechnology a Canadian company has been busy developing technology for camouflage, which is being touted for being so good it is called a real-life invisibility cloak from Harry Potter. The material is capable of bending light around so that objects or people behind the material become invisible.

The material is called Quantum Stealth and is still going through a prototyping stage. Unfortunately don’t get too excited as the technology is being made for military use, and not just for playing pranks on your friends. The company’s CEO Guy Cramer believes it will primarily be used for concealing secret agents on stealth missions or hiding equipment such as tanks or jets.

This new type of material is pretty amazing as it does not only hide objects or people from eyesight, it also can cloak them from infrared or ultraviolet imagers. This means that the new invisibility cloak is not like traditional camouflage material as it is not limited to one specific condition like forests or deserts. The invisibility cloak works in every environment or at any time of the day, which is why the technology is seeing a lot of interest from military operations across the globe.

It is all made possible by a lenticular lens, which are sheets that are corrugated together and each ridge has an outward curving lens that can bend the light. You have probably seen this same technology before in 3D bookmarks or collectible football cards. It works by creating a myriad of different angles which essentially causes dead spots to appear everywhere.

Dead spots stop the light from going through, but bend it around the are by reflection. This hides the subject behind the cloak and lets the background remain unchanged. It bends light much like how a glass of water causes a spoon to appear bent when put inside it. Essentially the company has figured out how to do this without using a massive glass of water, they have created a small and light material that is capable of creating the same effect.

Hopefully one day it will be produced for casual use and we will all be able to play Harry Potter in real life.

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