The Most Powerful Women In History Ranked

5. Catherine II of Russia (1729-1796)

For 34 years, Catherine II, or Catherine the Great, presided over Russia, the largest country in the world, and brought the Enlightenment to the country. A Polish born, Lutheran princess, Catherine was groomed to marry Peter III, heir to the Russian throne. She learned to speak Russian and converted to the Russian Orthodox faith before her marriage. Her new husband, however, was immature and annoying.

In 1762, Catherine stages a coup and took power from her husband. She was named Empress of Imperial Russia. Her goal was to create a modern Russia with close ties to the West. She also expanded Russia’s holdings, stretching the country to three continents, Asia, Europe, and North America. Many of her radical changes angered her subjects, but Catherine successfully suppressed any rebellion against her.
  • The Isolator Possibly The Strangest Helmet Ever Created

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  • Giant Artificial Glaciers Growing In The Desert

    One smart engineer from a small remote village in Indian has put his engineering skills to the test and decided to counter-effect the problems being caused by global warming. A global and immense problem for one engineer to tackle, but Sonam Wangchuk is up for the fight. His solution is very simple, create artificial glaciers...

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  • The Flower That Will Kill You With A Smile

    When one hears the phrase satanic grin, you may think of the DC Comics The Joker’s laugh as he executes a deadly plan. That sardonic grin is well known across the whole world, a grin that comes hand in hand with death. The corners of your mouth go up really far on each side and...

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  • The Deadly Dynamite Tree

    There is actually a tree that exists covered in poisonous spikes which is capable of dropping exploding dynamite fruit on your head. And to make matters worse the explosions launches spikes & seeds to launch out into the air at over 150 miles per hour, sending them a good 100 feet. ...

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  • Two Chinese Woman Jump Off A Bridge To Decide True Love

    A young man was put to the test and found himself facing a very difficult situation, his current girlfriend and ex-girlfriend jumped off a bridge to find out who he would save. To say he was confused that two grown women had thrown themselves into a river would be an understatement, but that is what...

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