Pokemon Go A Security Fear For The Pentagon

Samuel Reason | September 19th, 2018

If you happen to love Pokemon Go but work for the American government at the Pentagon, well that is just too bad. All employees are banned from playing Pokemon Go inside the Pentagon walls, due to its mapping features.


Anyone working at the facility in Arlington, Virginia has been given a stern warning to stop chasing Pikachu and Snorlax when inside the building. The department of defense has told all their employees that if they want to chase pokemon then they have to be doing it on their own time.

At one point there was even a Pokemon gym inside the Pentagon building, though that has now been removed. However, given the pentagons strict anti cellphone rules, the only people who would have been able to access it would have actually been employees. The major concern was the App ability to track players, making it a security risk for defense officials to be playing the game. There was a real fear that unauthorized personnel would find out about the Pentagon’s layout and whereabouts of each room.

The information stored and tracked by the App could then have been stolen by foreign spies and potentially become a national security risk. The initial version of the App actually asked for users full Google account permissions, meaning Pokemon Go had access to players emails and browsing history. Which as you can imagine is an even bigger security risk to deal with.

The Pentagon gym has now been closed and Niantic, the Pokemon Go developer has since released an update which does not require as many user permissions to play. This is not the first controversies that Niantic has come up against, in 2010, they were accused of storing illegal data picked up from unencrypted wireless networks.

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