Play Tetris To Quit Smoking

Samuel Reason | September 29th, 2018

The letdown of so many people trying to stick to their plan of quitting smoking or eating healthier is normally a weak mind, not having the willpower to stay strong. One psychologist claims that they have the answer and it lies in one retro old-school game: Tetris.

Simply playing the tile puzzle game Tetris for a quick three minutes will cut down cravings by about 25%, according to new research. Researchers have found that the puzzle game is the perfect simulation your brain needs to boost your willpower, providing you with that extra motivation to quit smoking.

Psychologists are touting playing Tetris to be the quick and easy fix that will make sticking to your dietary plans manageable, or even to help people cut down on their drinking. And it does actually make a lot of sense, replacing one craving with another: the craving to play video games. Tetris gives players a quick sense that they are achieving something, putting the blocks in the right order to score points, players are rewarded quickly in a matter of seconds.

According to Professor Jackie Andrade when a human is experiencing a craving it only lasts for a couple of minutes, it is that time where your mind is visualizing what you want. And this is where Tetris can help people, defeat those minutes where you are thinking about your craving and simply think about defeating the next puzzle.

Essentially by playing Tetris, the cravings are being blocked, you are not allowing your brain to think about those cravings and this way the moment will pass. When trying to stop smoking, for example, it will only be a couple of minutes where your brain is really wanting to smoke. If you are able to stay strong and make it through those few minutes, then you will be able to quit.

And one of the major influencers is the feeling of staying in control: if you know when you feel a craving that you need to play Tetris, it helps you stay motivated.

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