Oumuamua – The Alien In Our Solar System?

Perhaps it is best to just call a large clump of rocks for what it is: a large clump of rocks all stuck together flying through our solar system.

It is pretty incredible that it has taken so long for us to encounter an interstellar visitor and no doubt many hoped it would come flying through carrying alien technology. Hell, maybe it would even drop us a little loot crate? Sometimes though it best to just call things as we see them. It is a rock flying through space.


Of course, scientists are arguing about what we should label this celestial object exactly. Apparently, it is not an asteroid and neither is it a meteorite. But one thing is for sure unless these aliens have some mind-blowing cloaking technology it is not a spacecraft. Much to the dismay of all the UFO chasers. Astronomers were actually asking that exact question, you would not have been laughed at had you’re brought it up. Which is exactly what professor Alan Fitzsimmons and his research team decided to do, as per his words: “And until you look, you don’t know for sure.”

With various telescopes from the William Herschel Telescope in the Canary Islands and even the Very Large Telescope in Chile(yes that is what it is called!). They studied the interstellar object intensively, from all intent and purposes it does appear to be all natural. No form of manufacturing, engineering, or any sort of artificial tampering: Oumuamua is just a natural rock hurtling at breakneck speeds through space.

“Pretty much a space cucumber.” – Professor Fitzsimmons (Queen’s University Belfast)

The controversy and debate came from the fact that Oumuamua was first seen not to be a comet. A comet is defined as an icy body that lights up due to the heat caused by being too close to a star, creating its fiery tail that lights up our skies. However, when the Oumumua passed by the Sun this did not happen. So Astronomers assumed Oumumua was an asteroid – but it could not be an asteroid because it is not rocky and has no indications of the minerals you usually find on an asteroid. What is this flying space body then?

It appears to be a shell! A shell formed around some extraterrestrial space goop. Astronomers believe it is a thick coat of organic residue around a center of the ice. Basically, this Oumuamua is an alien snowball, but who threw it? That is the real question.

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