Oldest Intact Shipwreck Discovered In The Black Sea

Samuel Reason | October 26th, 2018

Deep in at the bottom of the Black Sea divers have recently discovered the world’s oldest intact shipwreck. Largely made possible due to the oxygen-free water at the bottom of the seafloor, the ship has been sunk and resting undisturbed since 400 B.C the Greek Maritime Archaeology Project (Black Sea MAP) announced on Tuesday 23rd October. The preservation is almost perfect as it rests in the salty section of the black sea, which keeps away the microbes that would eat away wood.


When you look at the vessels you will be struck by its magnificence, looking like a ship that a mythical hero from Greek stories would have sailed across the Mediterranean. And it may even have some truth behind it, according to the British Museum, it does look eerily similar to the boat called the Siren Vase which in the stories was sailed by Odysseus.

Archeologists around the world have rejoiced the discovery, Jon Adams a professor from the University of Southampton, could not believe a ship had been found from the classical age in such amazing condition. In fact, many did not believe they would ever make such a discovery, that it just was not possible. They will now have a newfound understanding of shipbuilding and seafaring during the ancient world.

Essentially this shipwreck is like a time capsule to a forgotten age. Historians and archaeologists will be able to learn who used the seas during this time, what was traded and what was sold. It provides them with a much greater understanding of how the ancient world functioned. And of course, how did they build their ships, which is one mystery that has alluded historians for decades. Everything solved by a well-preserved shipwreck, it goes to show that sometimes someone’s misfortune can become another person’s goldmine.

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