North Korea Plays Basketball Only It Has Completely Different Rules

Samuel Reason | May 4th, 2018

If any professional basketball player finds themselves playing in North Korea by some mishap, well they may get a little confused over how the game is played. Generally speaking, the rules of the game are quite similar, you bounce the ball and shoot into the hoops for points. Yet there are some very strange differences in the rules that make North Korean basketball all a bit baffling.

If you can jump then you will love playing in North Korea, because slam dunks are counted as three whole points. That is an extra two points from how the game is played everywhere else in the world. If you are skilled at the three-pointer shot then you might just be in luck, shoot a three-pointer that does not touch the rim and you will gain an extra point. So a perfect three-pointer shot is actually a four-pointer shot. On the opposite side if you happen to be bad at free throws, then you may want to step aside and not take one! Because if you miss well then you find the referee deducting points from your team’s score.

So one thing is for sure with Shaquille O’Neal’s horrific free throw rate, he is not going to be the same legend in North Korea.

Then we come up to their strangest scoring rule of them all, once you enter the final three minutes of the game, then field goals are worth eight points. Because who wouldn’t want their field goals to quadruple in value during the last three minutes of the game?

We all remember how former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il’s reported a 38-under round of golf, something that no professional has ever done in the history of golf. He reported 11 holes in one, the first time he ever picked up a golf club on the Pyongyang Golf Course in 1994. This was even verified by his security guards, now it seems his son Kim Jong-un has made up some basketball changes so he can make some sporting records of his own?

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