You Probably Use Most Of These Things Every Day, and They Wouldn’t Exist Without NASA


We always think of LEDs as these lights that allow us to see better at night. But NASA had a different idea for the use of these lights. In space, LEDs were used to grow plants in space. So yes, it might be possible to grow a small plant inside the International Space Station. A flower garden? Probably not. Meanwhile on Earth, LEDs have also been used for medical purposes. In fact, astronauts have utilized LEDs to alleviate any health concerns facing them. More specifically, the issue of muscle and bone loss. So LEDs have been used to maintain cell growth so it would prevent such a thing to happen. At the same time, LEDs were also designed to health wounds much quicker.

Set to Warp 10: One of the LED devices that is designed to heal wounds is known as the WARP 10. This is used by US Army Special Forces and US Navy Submarine personnel. Not only was the WARP 10 designed to provide immediate first aid and care for minor injuries, it was also designed to increase the endurance of soldiers in combat situations.
  • First Toothbrush Was Actually A Chewbrush

    Some think of toothbrushes as being man’s best friend and that this award is not actually occupied by dogs. In modern times, people have indeed voted that toothbrush is one of the greatest inventions that we cannot live without. In surveys, it beats microwaves, automobiles, and television - but it is interesting to look at...

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  • Oldest Organism On Earth Only Reproduce Every 10,000 Years

    Researchers who have been working with the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) have discovered new bacteria, fungi, and viruses living a mile under the ocean floor that are thought to be millions of years old. The incredible discovery shines some light on how old species on Earth really are, with...

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  • One Rickshaw Driver Was Able To Help Educate Hundreds Of Poor Children

    A famous rickshaw driver by the name of Mr. Bai Fang Li is a folklore legend in his home region, having helped hundreds of poor children afford education during his lifetime. Most people believe in relaxation when getting older, especially as they retire, but not Mr. Li who continued his donation lifestyle until the very...

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  • The Vine That Is A Master Mimic

    When it comes to changing into something else or camouflaging, the world is filled with organisms that can do this. The Chameleon is, of course, the most famous one, that can alter its color and blend in with its background. And in the insect world, you will find butterflies that mimic toxic insect or sticks...

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  • The Secret Ingredient To Victorian Leather Was Dog Poop

    Back in time, dog poop was an extremely valuable resource for leather makers. Every coat, handbag, briefcase or any sort of leather goods was created by using dog poop to an extent. So as you can imagine some entrepreneurs around the city of London found a way to benefit from this ever-growing need for dog...

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