You Probably Use Most Of These Things Every Day, and They Wouldn’t Exist Without NASA

Camera Phones

Raise your hand if you have taken a selfie or two. Maybe more. No matter if it’s a selfie or capturing something in the moment, you can thank NASA in part for making this happen. That’s because in the early 1990s, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory created cameras that were small enough to fit on spacecraft while providing scientific quality photos of their discoveries. At least ⅓ of cameras contain this type of image sensory technology.

But wait, we’re not done here: Believe it or not, image sensory technology did not just pave the way for camera phones. In fact, this is the same technology that is used in GoPro cameras. It should come as no surprise that NASA came up with the technology that would allow us to see heart-pounding feats and adventures through the eyes of someone else. Besides, what else does NASA do other than fascinate us?
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