Mystery Planet and The End of Times

Samuel Reason | November 20th, 2016

We all have heard about the end of times, right? Well, starting November the 19th, we very well may experience some aftershock. The shocks will initially be felt in Indonesia, which will create waves of earthquakes and volcanic movement in Europe, especially throughout Italy and France. Nibiru is a theorized planet located on the outer edges of our solar system that allegedly completes one orbit around the sun every 3,600 years and theorists believe that its gravitational influence has disrupted the orbits of other planets in the solar system over hundreds of years ago and that Earth’s time is approaching.

It’s also claimed that this alleged planet sends plasmatic energy atoms through our solar system and that the flow of energy can disrupt the core flows of the earth, triggering drastic and hazardous changes in the environment. Nibiru has said to be a wave of an apocalyptic earthquake that could very well, rip the Earth’s crust apart. This has been claimed by theorist, Terral Croft. He also told the press the following. “Global seismic activity reaches a peak in the second two weeks of November moving into December 2017. The predicted backside alignment quake event is scheduled for November 19th, 2017, when the earth passes behind the Sun, relative to the Black Star.” Terral’s prediction comes after philosophers had imperfectly claimed that the world would surely end on September 23rd of this year.

The man that made that prediction, David Meade, has since then attempted to make sense of his failed prediction. Nibiru, often referred to as Planet X, but Nasa scientists claim the planet doesn’t even exist. Dr. David Morrison, an astronomer at Nasa Ames Research Centre said Nibiru would interrupt the position of the all planets, and “eject the moon from earth’s orbit”. In a statement, he added: “Nibiru and other stories about wayward planets are an internet hoax. There is no factual basis for these claims.” What could this mystery planet be all about? Could you imagine if the world really did end on November the 19th? It’s highly unlikely that it will and more than likely, fifty years from now, Scientists will be speculating when the world will end again. Ever since humans began to evolve on planet Earth, it appears we’ve always been waiting for it to end.

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