The Mysterious And Violent Residents Of North Sentinel Island

Samuel Reason | January 31st, 2018

Meet the Sentinelese tribe, the inhabitants of North Sentinel Island who have remained in isolation from the outside world for nearly 60,000 years. Many people have tried to contact them over the years and they have all been met with incredible violence!

Part of a chain of 572 islands that form some of Indonesia’s prime tourist spots, the North Sentinel island could potentially be a hotspot for snorkeling and lovely sunbathing. A chance for tourists to meet the local culture of this part of the world, this however, is far from the truth. This island is shunned by everyone and remains cut off from the rest of the world.

Native islanders will avoid even entering the waters of the North Sentinel Island, knowing that the Sentinelese tribe attacks any intruders viciously. And even if anyone wanted to, it would not be possible to communicate with them! Because due to the Sentinelese refusal to venture far from their island, their language is dead beyond their own shores.

A pair of fishermen Sunder Raj and Pandit Tiwari decided to go against Indian law and went mud crabbing close to the coast of North Sentinel Island. As soon as they were close enough to the coast, the Sentinelese tribe attacked! Murdering the two men in an instant. They would not even let the coast guard retrieve their bodies, firing with no mercy arrow after arrow at the helicopter.

As you would expect not really much at all is known about the tribe, are they thousands? Or a mere fifty? Even the island seems to have been made in a way to keep everything secluded. There are no natural harbors, the whole island is surrounded by dangerous coral reefs. And then the island itself is covered in a thick forest which means that any journey on the island becomes difficult.

Every attempt of interacting or contacting the tribe has always been met with a rain of arrows. Legally speaking they are part of the Indian Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar islands. But as no one knows anything about them and they want nothing to do with the outside world, are they even really part of Earth?

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