Mount Everest Should Actually Be Renamed To Mount Poop

Samuel Reason | September 4th, 2018

Mount Everest actually has a sewage problem, in the sense, it doesn’t have any sanitation and this is becoming an increasingly bigger problem.

Each year thousands of people embark on the journey of trying to reach the top of the world’s tallest peak. And they spend weeks on their attempt, with four camps en route, climbers have to make stops to adjust to the low levels of oxygen in the air. Estimation has now been calculated that suggest the climbers are leaving behind over 28,000 pounds of excrement every year. In fact, it is becoming such a problem that environmentalist have advised the mounds of poop and urine around these camps are now a serious hazard to the surrounding wildlife.

And it does not only stop there, specialists are advising that due to the huge amounts that accrue annually it is now also a health hazard. Professor Pablo Figuerio from United Nation’s University Magazine has even stated that due to the decades of climbers just using any piece of land they could as a toilet, human feces has accumulated to such an extent that now we find glaciers periodically spewing out streams of poop.

It definitely seems strange one of the world’s most remote places has this problem, but it is not something that has happened overnight. Mount Everest has, unfortunately, become overcrowded and polluted by increased tourism.

Despite the Sherpa’s best efforts to keep the mountainside clean, the demand for tourism and amount of people climbing through each year is just too great. It is believed there is around 10 tons of garbage on Mount Everest, conservation groups are calling for less climbing permits to be given out. But when you take into account that climbing brings in about $3 million per year to Nepal’s economy this probably is just not going to happen.

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