Most Awe-Inspiring Cancer Stories


For many, a cancer diagnosis would mean the end. A final time to say goodbye to loved ones and do everything you ever wished you could do. But very few would feel the need to make a difference in the world and think of helping strangers in their same position. That’s exactly what these six people did. They took their bad news and turned it into a blessing. Instead of dwelling on what couldn’t be changed or worrying only about themselves, they set out to impact as many people as possible through their own creative means. Here are their stories:

1. Charles Pazdera and Katie DeMaio

Charles Pazdera was diagnosed with pediatric cancer at the age of 23. While walking through the children’s floor of a cancer center with his friend, Katie DeMaio, he witnessed the struggles of children going through chemotherapy and having to live hooked up to IV’s. He wanted them to have a role model who could teach them that anything is possible, even with cancer. Both him and Katie began brainstorming ideas for a children’s book where a boy named Charles is able to enjoy his life and have fun despite being diagnosed with cancer.

Unfortunately, Charles passed away before the book was made, but Katie never wavered and was able to finally get the book published which is aptly titled, “Big Charles”. 100% of the money made through book sales will be donated to the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation of New Jersey. To help support Katie and her cause, you could visit their facebook page for more information: Big Charles on Facebook or to purchase a copy of the book, visit: Tate Publishing

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