Military Study Shows Thousands Of Islands Will Soon Be Uninhabitable

Samuel Reason | August 11th, 2018

Giving the rapid rise of sea level that the world is currently going through, studies have been going on to figure out which areas of the world are most at risk. Just a couple of inches of sea level rise would be more than enough to keep hundreds of thousands of people accessing clean drinking water.

As the Earth continues to get warmer every year, the polar caps are melting at an alarming rate which causes the sea levels to rise. If you happen to be living in a low lying coastal area then you are very much in danger. A study published by the Science Advances magazine, funded by the American military, has indicated there are currently a thousand low lying islands that will be uninhabitable by mid-century. Showing that hundreds of thousands of people will be in danger and of course, the U.S. military will lose some key military bases.

The U.S military has a long history of studying and researching the consequences of climate change, mostly because it holds answers to key strategic interests throughout the whole world. The Pentagon is already worried about losing so many military bases and how it will affect their worldwide military power.

And it is not just flooding that sea level rises to create, the main problem is it renders the sources of drinking water on the island undrinkable due to salt contamination. If the ocean rises by just 15 inches, then many clean fresh drinking sources will cease to exist.

Islands like Maldives and Marshalls will become uninhabitable even if the sea level rises following best-case scenarios, just a couple of inches will wreck havoc and cause thousands of people to become climate refugees overnight. Unfortunately, the study shows that it is very little we will be able to do to stop this. However, plans are in action and many hope we will be able to delay the inevitable long enough to help relocate many people.


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