Man That Was Hit By A Falling Baby Twice

Samuel Reason - May 24th, 2019

There was once a man in 1937, who was hit on the head by a falling baby out of a skyscraper. And this did not just happen once, in fact, it happened twice. Imagine the luck you must have to save the life of a falling baby twice in one year.

According to Time Magazine, Joseph Figlock was the local street sweeper in Detroit Michigan during the 1930s. This meant that he was regularly clearing the streets under large buildings, he was actually just walking down the road when he was struck on the head by a falling baby. The baby had fallen from a 4th story window and fell down directly onto his head and shoulders. And this was an extreme stroke of luck for the baby as a direct hit with concrete would not have ended well.

Thankfully the free-falling toddler was not killed, though a little injured. Mr. Figlock was also injured, so both required a quick stay in the hospital but overall they came out okay. You can imagine Mr. Figlock was probably quite happy that he saved the infant’s life. And that you would have thought would have been the end of it, surely this bizarre turn of events could only happen once in a lifetime.

Yet the following year in 1938, Joseph was walking down the same street again and it appears this building must have been filled with some very relaxed parents. As this time a 2-year-old came tumbling out of the window. Figlock who was sweeping the alley was once again struck on the head by a falling toddler. The real amazing part was once again no one was killed, just a little injury.

Joseph Figlock most have been one lucky guy to save two falling babies in his lifetime. One thing is certain, if a baby fell out of a window during the 1930s in Detroit, well this self-made superhero was there to save the day.

And though it sounds strange, according to the Journal of Pediatrics, over 5200 children do fall out of the window every year.

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