Man Jumped Off Golden Gate Bridge And Was Saved By A Sea Lion

Samuel Reason | July 11th, 2018

One man jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in 2015 in a suicide attempt, yet he survived the fall and was kept alive by a sea lion who decided to keep him afloat. Recently his story surfaced at a big NSW police suicide prevention conference.

Kevin Hines now spends his time speaking and helping people understand mental health cases, it is a story that he thought he would never have to tell. He was suffering from bipolar disorder and had psychotic features, in fact, he was hearing voices that were telling him he was useless and not meant for the world. Hines was so depressed he could no longer see a way forward and believed he had to die, so he jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge.

The impact broke his back, but somehow he survived. As he desperately tried to swim, he saw a mammal swimming under him and believed he was now about to be eaten by a shark. It was not the case though it was a sea lion, and luck was on his side this day. As the sea lion kept Hines afloat and ensured he was still alive by the time the coast guard made it.

In fact, Hines would have died from hypothermia and drowned if it had not been for the sea lion. Luckily a driver saw him jump & immediately called the coastguard. It was nothing short of a miracle because this driver actually had a friend in the coastguard to call immediately, so they were able to save Hines in minutes.

But the miracle story does not end there, because Hines was then saved by a doctor in a 14-hour surgery to fix his back. The doctor was actually already supposed to be home, not even be there, for some reason the doctor decided to stay & because of this Hines can still walk today.

Hines said he did not have any intentions of telling his story, but he believes he was blessed by three miracles to survive. This blessing has given him the courage to tell people with suicidal thoughts, that you don’t have to die this way: there is another way.

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