A King Who Thought He Was Made Of Glass

Samuel Reason | February 3rd, 2018

When it comes to strange royals, there are stories upon stories. It seems every country has had its fair share of mad kings and bizarre queens, King Charles VI who once ruled France is one of those kings. Remember that unlike republics that are run by the vote of the people, absolute monarchies are supposed to be sanctioned by God. This means you don’t get a chance to decide who rules because the thought is God does not make mistakes. So when you get a crazy deluded king like Charles VI well, you are just stuck and have to go on the ride!


Some of the stories from his reign are just completely crazy: like the time he decided to start a civil war while he was right in the middle of fighting another war! And those were just some of the good months where he came outside, mostly he sat down never moving. Why do you ask? Because he genuinely believed he was made of glass. Charles VI thought if he moved or anyone touched him, he might shatter!

Unfortunately Charles was born in 1368, in a France which was in complete disarray after huge outbreaks of plague and entering the Hundred Years’ War with England. This meant starvation, famine, bandits, and ignorance was everywhere. France needed a leader and Charles VI was supposed to be that man. He grew up being educated as a Medieval prince, he actually ascended to the throne when he was 11 years old, but his uncles ruled until he was 21. And when he did come to power, everything seemed bright and he set track France on a path out of the darkness. But in 1392 at the age of 23, things took a turn for the worse.

Out hunting, King Charles went berserk appeared to forget who he was, grabbed a sword and started slaying his companions left and right. Slaughtering four knights before he could be restrained, suddenly Charles who was nicknamed “The Beloved” became “The Mad.”

This incident kept on returning, he would forget who he was and even forget who his wife was. Sure when lucid he was a great king but the lucid moments were rare. In 1405 he spent months refusing to bathe and would try to kill anyone who touched him, the reasoning behind this he claimed was that he was made of glass. This delusion is actually not as rare as one might think, he may be one of the fire people in history until he been inflicted by it.

As you may have guessed, with a ruler who could not rule, France once again plunged into darkness. The English just laughed and took over whatever land they could grab, his lords rebelled and a civil war started. When Charles died the country had fallen so apart that two separate heirs were declared as king.

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