If You Drilled A Tunnel Through The Center Of The Earth You Could Cross Through In 43 Minutes

Samuel Reason | June 28th, 2019

If you really want to get away from everyone then the farthest you can travel from home but still be on Earth would be directly under you. That would mean going 7,900 miles straight down, but of course, you have to take a long way there over land and sea so that would take 12,450 miles.


But if you are up for the challenge of avoiding Mole Men and prehistoric reptiles then you can go straight down, in fact, it will only take you 42 minutes. Granted if you live in America then you would end up in the Indian Ocean – so that would not be too good. However, if you are lucky enough to live in Chile then you could come out in China or if you are in New Zealand then you would end up in Spain.

Though, nobody said it was going to be easy. This would be one rough ride, first, you will need to get through 22 to 44 miles of continental crust, followed by 1,800 miles of the mantle. The real problem will be the Mars-sized outer core which is liquid iron that is as hot as the sun’s surface. And a moon-sized inner core, that nobody really knows what is in it. But for the sake of this theory let’s assume you can make it through all that alive.

Gravity will pull you through at 32 feet per second squared, which means that for every second you fall, you will be speeding up by 32 feet per second. This will be one hell of acceleration, but it will slow down massively once you reach the Earth’s core due to the counterforce of gravity going in the other direction. However, by this point, you will still be moving way too fast to be stopped.

It should take you roughly 21 minutes after jumping into your hole to reach the core, and then another 21 minutes with gravity slowing you down to arrive on the far side. And unless someone grabs you well, you are going to fall back down and be caught in a never-ending gravity loop.

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