Huge Poop Train Stuck Outside Small Alabama Town

In a strange situation that is just asking to be explained, sources have revealed a huge train filled with human excrement is stranded outside a small town in Alabama. Apparently, the poop train is wafting smelly fumes for miles and locals are beginning to wonder whenever this nightmare may end.

Apparently, the train is filled with human waste from New York City and has been sitting there for over two months. The real question is why is a train filled up with human waste in the first place?

The actual contents of the train are referred to as “Biosolids” which are the result of treating raw sewage in a facility. These materials are very rich in nutrients and used in many sorts of agricultural services. This basically means this train is carrying a load of New York’s processed poop. But it is important to remember that biosolids have a very important role and are not just a foul smell.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notes that they are regularly used as fertilizers. And processed poop has many advantages over the dumping of raw sewage. When excrement goes through a treatment facility it becomes much less of a pollution element. It was only thirty years ago that Americans were dumping all their sewage into popular lakes and rivers.

By recycling them into biosolids then they can be used as fertilizers, incinerated or buried safely in a landfill site. Some states have much stricter dumping laws than others, which is why this problematic poop train situation has arisen. Many southern states are much more relaxed, which is why New York has been sending its biosolids to a landfill site in Alabama. However, en route a town close to the landfill site was able to obtain an injunction to stop this process.

The town had complained that New York’s sewage had caused them immense problems and turned the place into a zone infested with flies. When you add in the foul smells of rotting animals it only gets worse. So the train had to legally stop and has been sitting there for the time being. In fact, as of yet, no one knows where it will go!

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