Hire An Ambulance In Moscow To Beat Traffic

Samuel Reason | July 17th, 2018

If you are making enough money in Moscow and don’t want to get stuck in traffic jams then fear not there is a solution. Wealthy Russian residents are hiring ambulances with luxury interiors to speed them from destination to destination.


These “Ambulance Taxis” are an easy way to beat the city’s terrible traffic jams, according to The National Post.

Advertised on the internet originally, you can now find them popping up on every corner of richer neighborhoods. Ready to chauffeur their residents to a trendy club or the hip area of the shopping districts. The vehicles can be found of rates up to $200 per hour and use their sirens to pass through traffic with ease. And they ride in luxury with VIP style seating found in high-class limousines.

The police are catching on though and are on the lookout for these new types of taxis. Even medical cars will be stopped if they are breaking traffic rules, this is how they normally identify if it is a true ambulance or not. Real ambulance drivers have specialist driving training and know which rules they can break. These fake taxi drivers reportedly do not know what they are doing.

Unfortunately, this is only the start of new scams to beat traffic in Moscow. The city is notoriously bad for its infamous traffic jams spanning for miles and miles. When you have money, there is always a way around the rules. In 2011 officials tried to double the size of the city in a useless attempt at solving the traffic overcrowding.

Winter is the worst, where drivers find themselves stuck in 120 miles long jams with heavy snowfall, it is not uncommon to sit stuck for as long as 3 days!

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