Guinea Pig Became A Father To Over 400 After Breaking Into A Female Only Area

Emily Hirsch | May 9th, 2019

In 2014, a male guinea pig broke into a female only enclosure at Hatton Adventure World in Warwick. And suddenly there were hundreds of pregnant guinea pigs everywhere.

Staff at Hatton Country World in Warwickshire, United Kingdom was lost and stupefied when suddenly a female only enclosure had 100s of pregnant guinea pigs running around. Which is when they realized one of the male rodents had been able to escape his enclosure and break into the female zone.

As you can imagine the male rodent, now nicknamed Randy, was found exhausted and had lost quite a bit of weight. But they really didn’t understand why he was losing weight until the staff checked and figured out Randy was a male. This meant that Randy was in the wrong pen.

The animal park which already had an over 300 male and female guinea pigs, had to quickly adapt to be ready for the extreme population boom that was about to happen. Manager Richard Craddock announced that one of the male guinea pigs had made his way into the female enclosure and definitely had a good time.

The theory is possibly a child put him back down in the wrong pen after stroking him, or that Randy really did plan his escape simply to get to the females. It is thought that the male Randy guinea pig was able to impregnate over 100 female guinea pigs.

Given that females generally have litters of around four, this meant that Hatton park was in for quite the baby boom. They believe Randy was probably in the enclosure for a couple of weeks given the number of females that are pregnant.

The park had to build an extension to accommodate all of Randy’s children. He has now safely been reunited with his male friends and may have a lot of bragging to do.

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