Girl Survives After 13 Degree Body Temperature

Samuel Reason | December 30th, 2018

After being allowed outside to play in the snow and ice, Stella Berndtsson survived the lowest known body temperature ever. The incident took place in Sweden on Lyr which is an island north of Gothenburg. The weather was freezing when Stella went missing at a time when her parents were deep into their Christmas preparation.

The thermostat stood at negative 12 Celsius, which is just over 10 Fahrenheit when her parents Peter and Annika realized their daughter Stella aged 7 was missing. Annika remembered that she had drawn up a treasure map and asked to go play outside. Time passed and so did their worries grow, and fear that something terrible had happened.

All their neighbors started to help look for Stella, around 20 people were now involved in the manhunt & suddenly they realized there were steps in the snow pointing to the cliff’s edge which was just a hundred feet away from the house. Scrambling down the cliff, Peter found the footprints to continue which made him believe Stella had somehow survived the fall.

But the footprints were going directly into the ocean, fishermen and coastguards started the search and a couple of hours later Stella was spotted by a helicopter. But by this time she would have been in the water for a good 3 to 4 hours. The helicopter rushed her to a local hospital, which was 90 kilometers away in Gothenburg. On arrival, Stella’s body temperature was just 13 degrees and she was not showing any signs of life.

They warmed her body slowly back to 32 degrees and here the miracle happened, Stella moved her eyes & her heart began to beat! It took another month of intensive recovery and care, but Stella was able to regain full control of her movement and made a full recovery. Now at 10 years old, she has returned to school just like any child her age.

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