Do Giant 40-Pound Babies Really Exist?

A satirical report has been doing the rounds on Facebook, duping many readers around the world to believe a 600-pound Australian woman gave birth to a 40-pound baby. Of course, this was fake news, but it begged the question, do giant babies really do exist? What is the biggest baby ever to be born?

So do not worry we went digging and looked into this topic for you. As we know every baby is different and unique, yet happily, for mothers their average weight is between 5.5 pounds (2.5 kilos) and 9 pounds (4 kilos). There are not many reports of bigger than average babies, really how would a 40-pound baby even be born?

But there are certain factors that can influence the size of the baby, sometimes they can be much smaller due to premature birth for example. Or on other occasions, they can be much bigger. Generally speaking, it comes down to the age of the birth mother and her weight. Some studies have attempted to prove the exact variables, but as of yet, nothing has come up conclusive. So how much did the biggest babies weigh then?

If we have a quick look in the Guinness book of world records, then you will find the title of the biggest baby ever born is held by a boy who was born to the giantess Anna Haining Swan. She was a Canadian famed for her great height, at one point her peak was around 2.27 meters. She was once reported to “Tower above all men when standing up and most women when sat down..” Her baby boy was born naturally in 1879 and weight over 22 pounds(10 kilos) however, sadly he only survived for 11 hours after being born.

The second biggest baby on record weight over 20 pounds and was born in Italy to Carmelina Fedele in 1955, a healthy baby girl. However, the family quickly removed themselves from the spotlight and nothing is really known about the girl and her mother.

After that there are still some considerably sized babies that have been born at around 15 pounds, one mother in South Africa believed she was pregnant with twins due to her baby weighing 14 pounds! And another 14 pound baby in Texas was so big the hospital could not find any nappies in his size!

Thankfully though, this does not happen very often as it can have dire consequences on the baby’s and mother’s health. The immediate risks are of course the delivery complications for the mother in the form of muscles being torn, that can even become long-term disorders! And for the baby, there is the very dangerous risk that his head is delivered but not his shoulders, or even things such as low blood sugar.

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