She Gave Up Her Royal Title To Marry A Commoner

Princess Ayoka Wore a Stunning Kimono

The beautiful kimono that Princess Ayoka wore on her wedding day was reminiscent of the one her older sister, Princess Noriko, wore at her own wedding four years ago. Princess Ayako’s kimono was a pale yellow uchiki design that was adorned with embroidered blossoms and leaves in pink and green. With the kimono, the princess wore wide-legged, silk pants called hakama.

Kei Moriya’s wedding attire was more modern. He is known for being well-dressed and his wedding day was no exception. Rather than wearing a traditional Japanese wedding garb, he chose to dress in a western-looking, black, tailored dress coat with a pair of gray, wool, pin-striped slacks. He also wore a silk hat that had belonged to the bride’s father, Prince Takamado.
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