Female Amputee Climbs Mount Everest

Ross Pollack | March 12th, 2019

In an amazing story of determination and willpower Arunima Sinha, 26, from the Northern state of Uttar Pradesh has become the first female amputee to climb Mount Everest. In 2013, she climbed to the Everest Base Camp and then went on to conquer the mountain. Adding her name to the short list of people who have climbed the emperor of the mountains without a leg.


Many guides and sherpas doubted her climb, due to the fact her pace is understandably slower than someone with 2 feet. And the pace is important when climbing Mount Everest, weather can change quickly and you have to be ready to move fast if a storm pops up. Just two years ago Sinha lost her leg when shoved off a train by thieves.

She was attempting to defend herself and keep her belongings, but while they grabbed her purse they simply shoved her off the moving train. Another train passing in the other direction crushed her leg immediately, forcing doctors to amputate. This was extremely bad news for Sinha, given that she was a national level volleyball player.

Sinha was determined to prove everyone wrong and that she was still an amazing athlete, so set her sights on climbing Mount Everest. Hundreds of climbers have made the attempt, but only some make it to the top. Sinha did not give up, fueled by the hundreds of eyes of pity she had felt on her after being amputated below the knee.

She trained for several months and then took the Himalayas during the month of May – when the weather is considered the best for climbing. Quite an incredible story, becoming the first female with a disability to climb Mount Everest. The first was a British mountaineer, by the name of Tom Whittaker, he climbed the peak in 1998. This was two decades after a car crash had forced him to have his foot amputated.

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