Exotic Animals You Can Legally Keep As Pets

Striped Skunk

You might think that owning a skunk is an unusual pet, and you would be right! Although it is not legal to own a striped skunk in all states, where permitted by law, the striped skunk makes a loyal and loving pet.


Pet skunks can have surgery to remove the scent gland so you won’t have to tolerate the offending odor. Many animal lovers, however, protest the removal of the scent gland because it robs the animal of its natural defense mechanism. Their lifespand is anywhere from 7 to 10 years and can grow to be 35 inches long (almost 3 feet!). They don’t like to be caged up for long periods of time so they’d need an open pen area to run around. And because they are natural diggers, be prepared to have your floors scratched up by their teeth and claws.

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