Exotic Animals You Can Legally Keep As Pets

Giant Prickly Stick

A strange insect from Australia, the giant prickly stick looks exactly as its name describes. It is big…up to eight inches long. The females of the species are covered with defensive spikes so it looks prickly. And the insect is a known for its unique camouflaged appearance that makes it look like a stick.

  • First Toothbrush Was Actually A Chewbrush

    Some think of toothbrushes as being man’s best friend and that this award is not actually occupied by dogs. In modern times, people have indeed voted that toothbrush is one of the greatest inventions that we cannot live without. In surveys, it beats microwaves, automobiles, and television - but it is interesting to look at...

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  • Oldest Organism On Earth Only Reproduce Every 10,000 Years

    Researchers who have been working with the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) have discovered new bacteria, fungi, and viruses living a mile under the ocean floor that are thought to be millions of years old. The incredible discovery shines some light on how old species on Earth really are, with...

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