Exotic Animals You Can Legally Keep As Pets

Maybe you’re not really a dog person or a cat person. Maybe you want a pet that is as unique as you are. Or maybe you just have a love of all things different and exotic, and that love extends to animals, too. Whatever the reason, you may be in luck. There are many exotic animals that you can legally keep as a pet in the United States.

A word of warning, the animals on this list are not considered domesticated. That means they are potentially dangerous and unpredictable. It is also illegal for you to remove an animal from the wild and keep it as a pet. If you want to purchase an exotic pet, you need to legally buy the animal from a reputable exotic animal dealer.

Now that you have been advised of the drawbacks to owning an exotic animal, let’s look at the types of animals that you can legally own in the United States, as long as there aren’t local laws prohibiting it:

  • Pineapples Contain Flesh-Eating Enzymes

    The pineapple was originally from Brazil but was quickly exported and grown as different varieties all around South America. Eventually, it made it to the Caribbeans and the Indies, which is where it was discovered by the famous Christopher Columbus in 1493 and brought back home to Europe. Little did he know he was bringing...

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  • Viagra In An Irish Water Supply

    Most of the world’s Viagra is produced in a small village in Ireland, so much so that it is even nicknamed Viagra Falls. The Pfizer drug is helping millions of men with being impotent, all created in a small village in Ringaskiddy in County Cork. Every year they made over 45 tons of the little...

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  • The Legend Of The Roquefort Cheese

    One of the most famous blue cheeses in France and perhaps even the world is known as the Roquefort. The blue spots on the cheese are mold, but they don’t just let the cheese mold, the makers of the famous cheese actually start the process. Roquefort is produced by adding...

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