Evidence Of A Destroyed Planet Found

Billions of years ago it seems our solar system actually had another planet spinning around in it. This long destroyed planet would have existed only during the very start of our solar systems creation.


In 2008, an asteroid exploded into the Sudan desert on October 7th and with it came billions of little space rocks. Scientists were able to break down these space rocks and let out the secrets within: diamonds that formed billions of years ago. And they were found in the formations of a now gone planet.

Estimations believe this planet was the size of Mercury but maybe even as big as Mars. The little space rocks which are referred to as meteorites contained compounds that resembled the diamonds you find on Earth. It is worth noting that this is the first time these sort of compounds have been found on an extraterrestrial body. Was this planet another Earth? That we will never know, but it definitely begs the question.

The study shows that this planet existed around 4.4 billion years ago when the zone closer to the Sun held various planetary embryos. Many fell into the sun or were just launched off into an interstellar space journey.

The meteorites that made it to Earth slammed into the Nubian Desert in about 50 different pieces which were all various sizes: from 0.4 to 4 inches. Luckily it was a desert and not an urban town!

At first, the nanodiamonds eluded the researchers, what were they for and where were they from? You see nanodiamonds cannot form in space, they require the static pressure of an atmosphere like Earth. However, a new study showed that these particular diamonds require an extremely high pressure to form. This means they could only have come from a planet the size of Mars or Mercury!

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