Every Panda In The World Is Owned By China

Samuel Reason | June 20th, 2018

No matter where the panda is or in what realm of the world he is wandering, one thing they all have in common is they are actually all owned by the Chinese government. And they make quite a hefty sum of money from leasing them out every year.


The panda is arguably one of the cutest animals in the world, they seem to act naive and play very clumsy. Bumping into things and falling off trees in comical fashion. And there is the whole argument that pandas don’t seem to have a distinctive way of ensuring survival: some animals can shoot poison or others can hold their breath for an hour. The panda, however, has to eat 80% of the time just because their digestive system is terrible at absorbing energy. They are not aggressive and terrible at hiding, to top it off they have low birth rates and a high cub mortality.

In fact, when you look at their species it is the recipe for a disaster, which is why they are on the brink of extinction and honestly seem to not fit on Darwin’s Survival Theory. But maybe it was all a cunning ploy by the panda itself? Their cutest has earned them the protection of the Chinese government. In fact, an argument could be made that maybe they act cute and stupid so we humans protect them all.

China is the lead on panda conservations all over the world and uses the panda’s friendly face to raise funds all over the world for their cause. They declared that every panda was the property of the People’s Republic of China, which no one could really argue as panda’s only come from China. They then leased out panda’s to foreign zoos and sanctuaries with the aim of raising awareness… and money? Because a panda lease costs a high $1,000,000 per year.

Still, the plan worked and conservation programs are appearing all over the world. The panda love is spreading all over the world, but much more is needed to keep their population strong as the last estimations sat at just 2,000 in the wild.

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